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free shipping this Week On order over $30

About us

ABOUT US is owned and operated by North Eastern Michigan Rehabilitation and Opportunity Center, Inc. (NEMROC)

NEMROC, Inc. is an established manufacturing company located in Northeastern Lower Michigan. Our main product lines include a variety of wood based products and vinyl chair mats. We also provide services aimed at helping individuals in our local community. NEMROC is a non-profit organization whose main focus is to employ individuals with mental, physical, and social disabilities. These individuals are the backbone in manufacturing the products and services we provide.


  1. To develop and maintain economic stability so that conditions are present to fulfill all other goals.

  2. Expand products and service opportunities to better serve individuals with disabilities in North Eastern Michigan.

  3. To increase the number of hours of employment for individuals with disabilities.

  4. Offer a greater variety of jobs and training opportunities to promote individual satisfaction.  


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